Pet Memorials Gallery

Oscar Riley

Oscar was our second oldest pug and the second to pass away in three weeks..He fought and fought be finally lost his battle with cancer..We was gone the night before and when we got home the next morning, we held him on our lap and it was like he was waiting on us to get home so we could talk to him one last time..Few minutes later, he passed...Once again thanks to Dr Kayla and Dr Sarah for all they did for Oscar..

Rudy Riley

Rudy was the first of our 5 pugs..My right hand man...Wouldn't let anyone pick him up but me and hated his nails cut..He became sick, developing a mass on his liver and a enlarged gallbladder..Jan the 7th was the hardest day of my life..Not a minute goes by where I don't think about him..Thanks to Dr Kayla and Dr .Stewart for doing everything they could for Rudy..

Barney Miller

"Barney" Miller

4-12-2008 to 5-23-2019

Ben Miller

"Ben" Miller

6-2001 to 11-2019


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